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About the business

With over 50 years’ dedicated office solutions experience in Australia, Futura can talk tech!

We know just how quickly the industry moves, and how offices can get stuck with out-dated and expensive hardware.

At Futura, we want the same as you do: for your tech to power your business, not slow it down.

That’s why we have created an agile, one-of-a-kind service platform that brings your office tech together in one simple lease offering.

This means you stay up-to-date with all the latest upgrades, and save time and money by dealing with only one supplier.

We offer one of the largest product ranges in the industry, and will help you choose the right office solutions for your business.

tech, today

Our technology is sourced
from global leaders in each
category and is designed to
future-proof your business.

Experience our difference,
and let your tech take
you places!

It includes:

  • Audio Visual,
  • Over 120 printing products,
  • Voice-activated smart rooms,
  • Motion-censored active walls,
  • Cloud-based global video conferencing,
  • Over 350 software integration products

Our difference

We work with businesses to establish what their technology requirements are, and what they are currently spending on all office technologies.

We purchase the balance of any existing hardware agreements and provide new solutions to meet the business need.

Our customers benefit from one simple to manage agreement with a fixed monthly amount and no capital outlay. They can also upgrade to new technology as soon as it’s released.

Our full-suite offer provides customers enhanced technology and often means substantial cost savings.

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