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Audio and electronic technology is developing in leaps and bounds, so there is a need to reduce fabrication overheads. In recent years, in-ceiling speakers have become a popular trend at homes and work-places. Many people are looking for high-quality audio that keeps their interior decor intact without sacrificing their floor space. The ceiling speakers are a viable option for a fantastic addition to these sound-systems set up.

The Bose company has designed one such in-ceiling and surface-mount loudspeakers, the Bose FreeSpace FS2c loudspeakers.
The FS2c loudspeakers come in a modern design, more durability, and ease of installation. They are professionally engineered for high-quality in both voice and background music.

Bose FS2c has a full-range 2.25-inch transducer and low-frequency range down to 83 Hz, hence ideal for almost all commercial spaces.
We herein give a detailed review of the Bose FS2c loudspeakers.

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Key Features


Up to 25PPM

Easy of Use

All new user interface with 90 degree tilting 10″ touch screen panel

Print Speed

Next Generation Security Features Build In


Reduced Environmental impact

  • 1 x 2.25″ Full-Range Driver
  • 20W RMS Long-Term Power Handling
  • 150° Conical Coverage Pattern
  • Integrated Multi-Tap Transformer
  • Tap Selection via Switch under Grille
  • Shared Voicing across FreeSpace FS Range
  • Max SPL: 99 dB Continuous / 105 dB Peak
  • Integrated Steel-Formed Backcan
  • Supports Multiple Mounting Options
  • UL1480 ULC-S541 Life Safety Fire Alarm and Signaling listed
  • Black and White versions of all models.
  • 5-year warranty.

Shared Voicing Across All Bose FS2c models

FS2c has shared voicing among all the FreeSpace models, so you maintain an excellent tonal quality all through.

Euroblock and front-baffle inputs

It features a set of 6-pin Euroblock for input/thru connection and a front-baffle input that allows you to quickly set-up the in-ceiling speakers.

Customizable Installation Bose FS2c

You can design your systems using in-ceiling, surface-mount, and pendant-mount options, allowing for tailored mix-and-match installations. It also comes with DesignMax and larger models that you can use to expand your system further.

For Music and Voice Reproduction Bose FS2c

The Bose FS2c in-ceiling loudspeaker is a full-range 2.25″ transducer that offers precise voice reproduction and smooth response for background music with a frequency range from 83 Hz to 19 kHz (-10 dB).

You get to hear the best of both music and voice from anywhere in your room with 180-degree nominal coverage.

Complements most room designs

Bose FS2c is available in black and white colors that make it suit most interior decors. Plus, an integrated backban with removable logos for your convenience.

Public safety

Bose added an EN54-24 for voice alarm systems used in fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings. It also has a UL 1480 UUMW listed for fire alarm and signaling systems in life safety applications.

Bose FS2c pros

  • Easy to install.
  • Consistent tonal quality.
  • It blends well with modern room designs.
  • Multiple mounting options.
  • Supports public safety

  • Works with a wide range of amplifiers

Bose FS2c cons

No Bluetooth function.

If you are looking for high-quality and consistent sound all around your commercial space, FreeSpace FS2c loudspeakers are a perfect choice for you. The loudspeakers are a mix of performance and value.

The FS2c loudspeakers come in in-ceiling, surface-mount, and pendant-mount options that offer notable upgrades in durability, design, and ease of installation. The Bose FS2C speakers are compact and versatile for use in various commercial spaces.

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