DMPS3-4K-50 Review

For teleconferencing, you need a gadget that can help you stream high-quality video and audio. Not only that, but the gadget should also guarantee reliable and seamless collaboration between participants. If that sounds like something you’ve been searching for, then here it is, the DMPS3-4K-50.

Crestron® reigns supreme when it comes to the production of teleconferencing devices. The DMPS3-4K-50 is just one of the many gadgets they produce that are perfect for conference rooms, huddle rooms, audio visual needs and classrooms.
Here are some reasons why this device should be on top of your purchase list.

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Key Features


Up to 25PPM

Easy of Use

All new user interface with 90 degree tilting 10″ touch screen panel

Print Speed

Next Generation Security Features Build In


Reduced Environmental impact

Crestron Connect It™

The Crestron Connect It technology allows your gadget to support BYOD connectivity. Meaning, whoever will enter the conference room with the devices such as laptops or tablets will be connected automatically and wirelessly.

This technology also supports a one-touch control system for all participants in the conference room. It’s quite simple to use and very cost-effective. Crestron Connect It comes with cables that, once you connect to your DMPS3-4K-50, things will work like magic.

Crestron Connect It has inputs that support analog, VGA, and HDMI audio connections via its cable caddy. The cable caddies are supported by the four USB ports found on the DMPS3-4K-50.

Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) Format Management

With the DMPS3-4K-50, you can easily manage the input sources and the information passed to display devices to ensure the information from each source is displayed in the best format and resolution.

Some applications may not require their settings to be changed to the default state. But if you have any format that requires custom configuration, EDID format management will assess the format then configure it accordingly for the most predictable and desirable behavior.


one of the things you’ll like most about the DMPS3-4K-50 is that it provides automatic switching between inputs, including the stereo audio, VGA, and HDMI.

The auto-switching capability enables participants to contribute to a discussion with ease. Its HDMI inputs handle DisplayPort Dual-Mode and DVI sources, while the VGA inputs handle component video, S-Video, composite, and RGB sources.

Integrated Three-Series Control System®

The DMPS3-4K-50 has a three-series control system that enables it to provide customizable control of all AV devices, projection screens, window shades, and room lighting.

The greatest advantage of this control system is that it doesn’t require any external control processor. The control ports of this device include Ethernet, Cresnet®, RS-232 COM port, and an IR port.

Professional Audio Digital Signal Processing

The DMPS3-4K-50’s analog output includes multi-format audio DSP that allows the adjustment of the signal to make it perform optimally in terms of sound quality. By design, the output is supposed to be connected to an amplifier to power wall mount or ceiling speakers.

The professional DSP provides an easy-to-use ten-band graphic equalizer. In addition to this, it has mute, treble, bass, and volume controls on top of a fully adjustable limiting. You can adjust all these settings using the gadget’s web browser interface. There’s also a front knob that you can use to adjust its output volume.

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