NBN 50

It is now possible to find an NBN plan that is both fast and affordable. We are talking about the NBN 50, otherwise known as the Standard Plus Evening Speed. It is the perfect solution for use in large spaces, be it homes or offices. This package will ensure a broadband connection without interruption or overload. No matter how many devices are connected, none will be slow. Even when used at the same time!

Here is the magic of a download speed of up to 50 Mbps, the 2nd fastest NBN formula. And on top of that, it offers many packages, all super affordable. A small price for great quality. No more connection problems at home, and increased productivity in your office. Here’s what you’re signing up for.


Key Features


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Internet with 50Mbps max download speeds

The most recurring selection factor is speed. And this is regardless of whether you choose to move from one plan to another or whether this is the first time you are making that decision. The NBN 50 appears to be the most competitive and wise choice for many Australians in terms of speed. Although it is slightly lower than the NBN 100 formula, it offers more attractive prices and just as much value.

How fast is 50 Mbps?

To make a comparison, the NBN 50 stands somewhere between ADSL and the NBN 100. This means that it performs better than the average. Many people can enjoy the same incredible speed for pretty much anything they want to do online:

  • High definition streaming
  • Downloading large files and high-resolution photos

  • HD audio and video chat

  • Online games

  • Many others

The cheapest NBN 50 plans

The cheapest NBN 50 package on the market is Spintel’s 200GB Plus. However, this is not necessarily the most reasonable choice. Instead of its limited package, you can spend a little bit more for the NBN Starter Unlimited from Belong. As the name suggests, it offers unlimited data and superior speed. The only negative point of this plan is its lower speed in the evening. It can even reach 30 Mbps, which is well below the average for this type of subscription.

Another solution is still available: the XL Speed Boost package from Tangerine. This one offers a very good price for the first 6 months, but unfortunately, the price goes up once this period is over. It is up to you to decide what appeals to you the most or what best suits your needs.

Standard Plus Evening Speed

This investment will cost you an average of $65 per month. For this price, you get the following download speeds:

  • Up to 50 Mbps downstream
  • Up to 20 Mbps upstream

  • Between 30 and 45 Mbps during peak hours

These figures are approximations based on what the vast majority of suppliers offer to their customers.
If you are looking for a very cheap package, Exetel stands at a very affordable level. A plan at only $59.99 per month for 12 months opens the door to an unlimited data plan. This is more profitable than buying several NBN 25 plans whose quality does not equal the NBN 50.

Need Help Choosing a Plan?

Want to find out more about the NBN 50? We can help you determine if the NBN 50 is the right phone for your business. Call our experts today to discuss your phoning needs.

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