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Small Business Phone Systems

Maximize performance and
invest in the future with a voice
and data solutions from a small business telephone system.

Phone System hosted voice & handsets

Phone System managed data & MPLS


Mid-band ethernet

NBN network


Quality, seamless communication for small business

Voice & handsets

Benefit from Phone Systems flexibility and cloud-based solutions
to meet current and future communication requirements.
Eliminate the need for costly hardware, configuration and
set up.

Business inbound numbers

In addition to a nation-wide presence, inbound numbers or
phone words provide your customers with a professional
and consistent point of contact. Telephone Systems provide options for
new or existing inbound services in the form of 13, 1300 and
1800 numbers.

Performance Networks

Phone Systems managed data MPLS

Telephone System Enterprise-grade data network comes with expert
An Australia-based support that’s accessible to businesses of all
sizes. Maximize performance, productivity, and security with
our network that’s dedicated solely to businesses.

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Mid-band ethernet

Telephone System Mid-Band Ethernet (MBE),
also known as Ethernet over Copper (EoC),
provides business-grade network access over
traditional copper infrastructure.

NBN network

The NBN can be considered an upgrade
to ADSL for small to medium-sized businesses.


At the start of the century, ADSL (Asymmetric
Digital Subscriber Line) pioneered the delivery
of fast and cost-effective internet access over
traditional copper telephone lines.


Telephone System tailored fiber solutions address existing needs
whilst providing solid foundations for the evolution
of your businesses.

More Information

Futura Business Phone Systems For Your Sydney Office

Futura offers a large range of phone systems for your small business needs. With friendly reliable service and staff, it is easy to see why more and more Australian & Sydney businesses are turning to Futura for their office phone systems solutions.

To find out more information on the several unique advantages Futura can offer your business simply fill out our contact for or pick up the telephone and give us a call.

NBN has rolled out and is still in the process of being set up and is now available to roughly 70% of businesses in Sydney. NBN broadband make VoIP accessible and compatible with most business phone systems solutions.

Which Phone Is Right For Your Large Or Small Business Systems?

There are many different choices when it comes to the right solution for your office telecommunications needs. Most customers initially are driven by price. However when an in-depth analysis of your bill is undertaken quite often what first appears to be a cheap solution if analysed correctly can often turn out expensive. Your network needs to be on par with your choice of phone system. VoIP can be an extremely good solution for a business who has NBN installed and there internet is running fast. 

VoIP relies on fast broadband and if your Sydney business is still on ADSL and running slow it can be a bad solution. When you hear of VoIP not being a great solution this is often the cause. Futura has come up with a unique solution for businesses who have fallen into this A 4G failover is installed at minimum cost, when VoIP starts dropping out the 4G will take over giving your company and office crystal clear lines 24/7.

PBX Systems Are They A More Reliable Office Phone Solution For Your Small Or Large Sydney Business?

A lot of professional companies who connected to VoIP early on in the NBN rollout were not satisfied and swear by the on premises PBX system. This was mainly due to phone systems providers not setting their network up correctly. PBX is great if your business is large. We recommend as a general rule of thumb if your organization has more than 25 handsets that PBX is the correct network for your needs. If your company is smaller than 25 handsets and has NBN or fast Optic fiber available VoIP can genuinely save your business a very handsome amount of money. PBX is a much more expensive set up and has many limitations that VoIP does not have.

All VoIP updates and improvements to its network and solutions are free with Futura. PBX simply cannot be updated without sending a service technician to the businesses residence to be done manually by a service technician.

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