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For many businesses, a stand-alone Multifunction Devices & Printers are an essential piece of office equipment. But it can be expensive to purchase…

Leasing enables ongoing service and support, with a wide range of Multifunction Devices & Printers with features that include:

High copy speed/PPM (pages per minute)

Print quality – black & white or colour

Scan to network or email

Security options to safeguard sensitive information

Automatic paper feeder options

Low cost options, and more!

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Futura Melbourne Photocopier Lease Solution’s OR Buy 

Futura offers a wide range of photocopiers to Melbourne businesses. When searching for a provider it can be easy to fall into the trap of sourcing a cheap quote. Often the cheapest can be exactly how it sounds and not the right solution for your copier needs.

A photocopier is in most businesses the most used piece of equipment within the office. Futura offers service unfound in the office tech niche with a one account manager policy for the duration of your lease term. Our sales reps are friendly, courteous and offer honest advice. If your unsure of what device your company needs for it’s photocopying, you can be sure to get straightforward answers from Futura.

 the difference between a printer & a photocopier

Different types of photocopying devices for your office:

  • MFP (Multi-Function Printer)
  • MFD (Multi-Function Device)
  • Photocopier
  • Printer
  • MFP’s fall into three main categories
  • All in one MFP:
  • Soho MFP:
  • Office MFP:
  • MFD’s:

The main difference between an MFD and an MFP is that an MFD has a computer inside that combines many functions into the one unit. Such as a fax, memory, scanner and phone etc.


A photocopier is commonly known as a printer or copier. A photocopier is generally a larger device that does not sit on a desktop but is rather free standing. It will generally have a much cheaper per page of print cost than an MFD or MFP.


A printer is mostly a device that sits on a desk or on top of a workstation. Generally, they do not have a scanner or any other function capacity apart from printing a page.

Common Conditions Of Purchasing A Photocopier In MELBOURNE

Lease – The most common lease agreements for a photocopier are 24 months, 36, months 48 months and 60 months. Leasing a device offers several advantages such as having the ability to upgrade your device should your businesses photocopying needs change at any time during the lease term.

Outright purchase- Outright purchase of a copier can be the right choice for many organizations. However, it does not allow any flexibility as there is no lease term. Futura recommends speaking to your accountant or financial advisor before making the final decision on purchasing or leasing a device. 

Choosing the best device to buy for your Melbourne office is not as simple as pointing to a photocopier and saying”this device will do”. Getting your copy needs right from the start can save your business thousands of dollars in the long run. Futura is leading the Melbourne photocopier market in fair & honest advice.

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