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what SIZE Device Does Your Business Require

What Does Your Workplace Need?

So, you have now been introduced to the myriad of amazing features that are now available in photocopying machines, but before you research and review the market, it is very important to establish what exactly your business or workplace requires in your photocopier.

Not all features are essential, and factors such has expected average monthly print requirements, machine size restraints, paper size and budget constraints must of course be taken into consideration in determining which copier is right for you.

Paper Supply & Capacity Small & Large Businesses


There are many different paper supply options available in different copiers depending on your business needs. Within a photocopier, each paper tray, cassette, pedestal, or paper feed unit is considered a separate paper source. The number of sources a copier has is important if you want to be able to copy onto different paper types (such as plain or cardboard A4, colored paper letterheads, A3, or transparencies) without having to reload the machine.

It is also important to consider how many consecutive prints your workplace would expect to require. Usually, paper sources hold a minimum of 50 to 100 sheets, but if you expect to be printing more copies than this at a time, the largest-capacity units and faster machines available tend to have at least one large capacity A4 bin, that takes upwards of 1000 to 5000 sheets

Typically, office copiers include at least one fixed-size and a few adjustable-size paper trays. Most make double-sided copies as standard and almost all have a bypass tray, which is a special tray that provides a straight paper path for heavy paper and labels. These are important features to look for.

Office Space

It may seem a little obvious, but it’s actually quite important to take into consideration how much space you have available in your workplace for a photocopier. Desktop photocopiers are of course at the smallest end of the photocopier scale, but beware that these copiers are usually only able to complete a smaller number of jobs and usually have a reasonably low copy and print speed. These machines are of course for offices which intend to use a copier on a smaller scale.

Conversely, larger scale copiers also come in a large range of not only sizes but shapes. Bypass and additional trays need to be taken into consideration when calculating how much space a copier will take up overall. Ensure that there will be room for all trays and sections of the copier to be opened in the case of repair, toner changing and paper replenishment (for example). Some industrial sized printers are very large and will require a lot of space, however, there is certainly a medium-sized range for offices with limited space that still require a decent print and copy speed.

When trying to decide which copier will be best for you workplace, it is both important and very useful to collate an idea of the estimated monthly volume of copies you intend to make. When collating the expected volume, remember to factor in if there are or will be peaks in you photocopier usage. If the usage is not even it is worth considering purchasing a faster machine to ensure you meet demand during the more unpredictable and busy times.

If you are upgrading your copier, information relating to current use can be obtained from your current copier or invoices from your supplier.

Here is a table outlining our recommended speed range depending on your calculated monthly volume, along with comments and tips in reference printing with each speed range.

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