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For most business leasing, is simply the best option. Few companies decide on an outright purchase…..

Leasing enables ongoing service and support, with a wide range of Multifunction Devices & Printers with features that include:

Fast Upgrade Process Should Your Business Grow

24-60 Month Year Lease Options

Scan to network or email

Security options to safeguard sensitive information

Flexibility Should Your Technology Requirements Change

Low cost options, and more!

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Futura Photocopier Lease Options

Futura photocopier leasing is a flexible and tax efficient way of funding your investment in new equipment and Futura can provide a comprehensive range of photocopier leasing packages for all of your business needs.

Most businesses tend to use photocopier leasing as a way to spread the cost over a term and this frees up capital that could be used elsewhere for your business. When you think about it, you would not employ someone in the office and pay their salary in advance for five years, so why do that with your office equipment?

Leasing = Tax Efficiency

Photocopier Leasing can not only spread the cost of your new equipment but also provide the flexibility to cater for changes in future requirements allowing you to upgrade if you wish where need dictates.

Photocopier leasing = Tax Efficiency
Photocopier Leasing is also very tax efficient and if you pay corporation tax, lease payments made can be deducted from taxable profits. This in effect reduces the overall net cost of the equipment helping your business to reduce costs.

Terms for leasing range from two years to five subject to credit approval and if you would like to find out more about photocopier leasing your choice of equipment then please call our hotline.

The Most Common Conditions Of Purchasing A Photocopier In Sydney

Lease – The most common lease agreements for a photocopier are 24 months, 36, months 48 months and 60 months. Leasing a device offers several advantages such as having the ability to upgrade your device should your businesses photocopying needs change at any time during the lease term.

Outright purchase- Outright purchase of a copier can be the right choice for many organizations. However, it does not allow any flexibility as there is no lease term. Futura recommends speaking to your accountant or financial advisor before making the final decision on purchasing or leasing a device. 

Choosing the right device for your Sydney office is not as simple as pointing to a photocopier and saying”this device will do”. Getting your copy needs right from the start can save your business thousands of dollars in the long run. Futura is leading the Sydney photocopier market in fair & honest advice.

Photocopier Leasing – What Machines
You can lease any machine at all as long as you pass the credit score – so whether you want to spend $1000 or $10,000 there will be a leasing option for you.

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