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Clubnet Our Sign In Solution

Make great first impressions!

Sine is an easy to use visitor management system.
Use your customised Sine account to check-in visitors,
contractors, staff and assets across your workplace.

Tablet check-in



Instantly print badges

Sign custom agreements and entry forms

Photo ID for enhanced security at site

Host notifications & employee directories

Geo-fence your site

You can access your Clubnet or Sine account
through any iPad, smart phone
or the web.

On the iPad

SinePoint or Clubnet Pro is a free iPad app
that syncs to your Sine account to
check in visitors and contractors
instantly. With this easy to set up
system, you can:

  • Print badges instantly,
  • Capture visitor photo IDs and
  • Save signed NDAs.

On the web Clubnet

Access your account from an
easy to use dashboard.
Customise your set up to
showcase your brand. Use your
account to view live activity,
send messages and run
reports. Know who is on-site
at any of your locations,
at any time.

Clubnet On the smartphone

Use the free Sine Pro or Clubnet App to geo-fence your site.
This means you can check-in repeat visitors,
contractors and staff instantaneously with their
details already captured in the system. Receive
notifications that your visitor has arrived using
the same free app.

A streamlined

Instantly print badges.
Improve security on site and
instantly print badges when a
visitor or contractor arrives.
Use our easy plug and play
badge printer, and start
printing within minutes.

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Sign custom agreements
and entry forms

Display NDAs, fire evacuation diagrams or any
health and safety processes you require
visitors to accept. Publish once and display
across all devices: tablet, mobile, web.

Capture photo ID

Take your visitor’s photo on site via the
SinePoint Pro iPad App. This is ideal to
ensure visitors, contractors and staff
clearly identify themselves.

Host with the most

Receive notifications via email, SMS or to the
Sine mobile app when your visitor arrives.
Hosts can invite and check out guests on their
own web login or via the Sine mobile Apps.

Geo-fence your site

Sine allows you to create a geo-fence around
your site so repeat visitors and contractors
using the Sine mobile app can check in and
out of site with ease.

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