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Video Conferencing System – Reliable Conference Equipment

At Futura, we make video conferencing technology
that is simple to use and custom tailored to your business needs.

Our end-to-end high-quality service includes:

At Futura, we provide solutions with high-quality easy to use technology. Also providing a service that’s reliable and there to support your business in times of need. With a tailored approach to your company’s requirements, we provide a solution that is practical. Our end-to-end video conference equipment &  service includes:

Designing the system thats right for you

Training you and your staff

Installing Our Custom Made Solution

We provide technical service and support Life Size Skype Business Huddle Cam

Lease or purchase video
conferencing solutions & equipment?

Our conferencing systems and solutions allow your business to
connect over video. This allows better cost reduction & time efficiency within your business.

Special video conference equipment system features:

  • simple and easy-to-use interface,
  • state of the art screen sharing functionality,
  • functional calendar integration,
  • instant chat and audio-calling options.
  • easy to use cameras

Futura’s conferencing solutions allow a more efficient work environment.

What else can we do?

Futura’s video conference equipment & systems allows you to:

  • Access a search-based directory for instant calling.
    No virtual rooms or passwords required.
  • Web conference meetings and share your screen easily.
  • Schedule calls from Google Calendar™
    or Microsoft® Outlook®.
  • Complete reports on the length of calls and data usage for your business.
  • Live webinar calls made easy via Lifesize Cloud Web App
    with up to 40 participants.
  • Huddle Cam
  • Easily record and monitor your online calls with Lifesize
    Cloud Amplify.
  • Live online chat one-on-one or with multiple users.
  • Huddle Cam & Lifesize
  • Receive complete business support 24×7 on your new technology. Lease or purchase your new set up.

A world class,
support service

We understand our client’s businesses can rely heavily on their conferencing
set up and data services to run their everyday operations – so no matter
how large or small your needs are, we are there to help. Ask about our lease or purchase plans.

With our unique custom-tailored approach, the individuals who design and
install your equipment today will be the ones who maintain your
technology long into the future.

Our reliable engineers and support staff will assist you with all problems
relating to your set-up. You can contact them 24×7 by
phone, or email. At Futura, we aim to provide high-class service at competitive rates. By providing several options to run your digital and data solutions we ensure you the user high flexibility and an honest assessment of what camera or cameras, conference equipment to install any software that will best suit your organization.

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